Cobaltoan Calcite Sphere #7 238g - A rare crystal also known as Aphrodite Stone and Salrose Stone

$165.00 $115.00

Cobaltoan calcite has bright intense pink hues and sparkles, especially under the light.

Properties of Cobaltoan Calcite are:

¨    Activates, heals & expands your Heart Chakra.

¨    Opens you up to all the forms of love – from attracting it to both loving yourself & others.

¨    Helps you to learn & know the meaning of true compassion.

¨    Heals inner child issues.

¨    Helps you to release buried emotions.

¨    Connects you with the angelic realm.

¨    Deepens meditation.

Includes a wooden stand

#love #heartchakra  #findlove #loveyourself #compassion #pastlife #releasechildtrauma #connectwithangels #angelicrealm #deepermeditation

#upperheartchakra #lowerheartchakra

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