Blue Kyanite Cluster with Mica & Red Garnet Inclusions 515g - Tranquility & Calming

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Kyanite is one of the few minerals in the mineral kingdom that never needs cleaning or cleansing. It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. The energy of Kyanite is unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones.

Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction. If directed with the consciousness of the user, it can also open the chakras. Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies. It brings tranquillity and calming effect to the whole being. Kyanite facilitates meditation, balances the yin/yang energies and assists in opening the Third eye for clear vision.

Blue Kyanite is known to open the psychic channels and activates the mind centres, accentuating one's mental capacities and enhancing one's ability to 'download' information from higher sources.

If one chooses to sleep with blue kyanite, the process of lucid dreaming will be greatly stimulated.

Blue kyanite can link the physical, astral and causal bodies, catalysing full consciousness in waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.

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