Bloodroot Powder - Purification. Protection. Love.


Bloodroot can be used for purification, protection and love rituals. 

Bloodroot is carried or worn to draw love.  It is also carried to avert hexes and negativity. Place near a doorways and windows so the home will be protected. 

Carry is a black mojo back for protection or carried in a red mojo bag to attract love. 

Botanical name: Sanguinaria canadenis. Do not use during pregnancy. 10g in Small plastic bag.

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars. Element: Fire. Powers

Healing Properties: Bloodroot was used by eastern American Indian tribes as a red dye, and also in the treatment of ulcers, skin conditions and as a blood purifier. For ulcers and other open lesions, it's typically used as a topical wash. The most impressive health benefits of bloodroot include its ability to prevent certain types of cancer, protect against infections, boost heart health, improve the appearance of the skin, speed healing and recovery, increase circulation and soothe the pain of a migraine.

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