Beeswax Pillar Candle (Large)


Our large large pillar candles are made with natural 100% beeswax and cotton wick and are activated with Reiki healing energies. Each candle is wrapped with twine and comes with a little cute bee charm. They burn beautifully for 110+ hours and produce a strong bright flame and leave a warm honey scent in the air. 

We hand make our moulds, therefore some candles are not always identical, they roughly weigh between 500-550 grams and have a 8cm diameter with a height of around 10.5-11cm. 

Check out the hints on our candle care page for the perfect burn!

Many of our customers have found burning beeswax an hour before bedtime, has greatly improved their asthma, allergies, insomnia, headaches and sinus problems. 

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