Barite Flower with Cerussite & Galena Crystal Cluster - Journeying. Meditation. Dream Recall.

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Barite Flower with Cerussite & Galena Crystal Cluster is a rare combination of crystals, which promote memory, concentration, dream recall and intuitive abilities

Barite is known to help soothe the nerves, and connect the mind, body and spirit. It enhances the meditation, journeying and dream states and activates the third eye & crown chakra. It is also great for detoxifying and re-balancing energy flows in the body, perfect for those suffering from addictions, chronic fatigue or exhaustion. Once your Chi or life force energy returns or is re-energised you can start to re-connect with your higher self and fulfill your life purpose.

Galena - A powerful mirror reflecting light into the deepest, darkest region of our shadow self.

Many healers use Cerussite as they believe in the ability of this magical stone to reduce anxiety, stress, and nervousness.

Hold whilst meditating or journeying to see and understand what the universe is showing you. 


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