Baltic Amber & Chakra Gemstones Teething Neckalce ~ 32cm/12.5"


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Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmitting negative energy into positive energy. It emits sunny and bright soothing energy, which helps to calm nerves. Baltic Amber provides a natural, drug-free alternative to relief of the teething pain and eczema in children and adults, through the release of succinic acid which melds the body with the body heat to create this healing effect.

The other smooth gemstones are Red Jasper for balance; Amber for healing pain; Green Aventurine for luck; Turquoise for self protection, Lapis Lazuli for stress, Amethyst for protection and sleep and Rose Quartz for love.  

All our Amber products are made from 100% natural and authentic Baltic amber and comes with a box for storage. 

All Amber Jewellery is made on quality string and not elastic and they fasten with a screw fastener. All amber jewellery is activated in a healing circle and infused with Reiki healing. 

Please read our care instructions here.

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