Awakening Chakra Therapy Box

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Svadhisthana - The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra located in the reproductive area, connects to our feelings, emotions, sexuality and creativity.

When off balance we may feel jealousy, guilt, possessiveness, shame of our body/sexuality.

When in balance this chakra brings us grace, flexibility, depth of feeling, sexual fulfilment and creativity.

Use this Sacral Chakra Therapy when you need to feel emotionally grounded, creative,  sexually desirable, energetic, and when you need a burst of passion for life! 

Sacral Chakra Therapy Box includes:  Instructions and Mantra. 125ml Awakening Chakra Mist, 1x Natural Beeswax Tea Light, 10ml Awakening Organic Essential Oil, 1x Carnelian Crystal with a sprig of our homegrown organic white sage & 100g Awakening Chakra Ritual Bath Soak.

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