Atlantisite - Earth Healer

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Atlantisite can be used to access past lives in Atlantis, reconnecting to your ancient wisdom and encouraging you to complete projects set in motion at that time.

It assists in dissolving blockages and repairs the energy channels; lowers stress levels and encourages thinking before speaking!

Atlantisite is a useful Earth Healer, bringing peace into the environment and when buried in the earth, undertakes earth clearing and energy restructuring in places where there has been death and destruction. In Crystal Healing Atlantisite is beneficial for cellular memory, stress, blood disorders, hypoglycaemia and diabetes.

Chakras: All Chakras

Vibrates to a number 5. Sign of Virgo.  

 .925 Silver Pendant, includes a complimentary silver snake chain, white sage, information card and padded black and white gift box. 

Pendant measurements are: 3.7cm from bail to base x 2.2cm wide x 5mm thick.

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