Astrophyllite Snake Carving - Pure Love. Astral Travel.

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The meaning of the snake urges you to shed off old and bad habits so that you can enjoy a new and better existence.

Astrophyllite is a stone used to clear and focus the mind. It will enhance memory and aid in clarity of thought. It is a "mind cleanser" and will aid in calming emotions to allow for rational thought and decision making. It calms mental stress.

Astrophyllite is an energetically potent stone that illuminates the true self of the wearer and infuses the entire system with light. The transformational properties of this help the individual to recognise the purpose of his mere existence in this materialistic world. This enticing stone help to understand the meaning of pure love and teaches the self-love. It facilitates to abolish the past impediments faced by the wearer as well as accept the reality with simplicity. Known as a dual-action stone, it brings in the self-knowledge with the positive use of personal power as well as use to detoxify on the spiritual and energetic level.

Acknowledged for its serene qualities, it gives an individual the ability to it gives you the ability the life journey in a profound way. As an honest stone, it expands the understanding of the wearer to know what resists him/her and what is written in the celestial stars. It evanesces the confusion, off-putting thoughts (apathy) and kindles the intelligence to expand knowledge which is used for personal development. Along with the truth it is used for the collective good, besides this, to promote a humanitarian outlook for others. With the yellow and brown color energies, it is contemplated as a purest stone of golden spark. Its pulsations strengthen the willpower of the wearer along with mental lucidity and risk intriguing skill. It is assumed to bring spiritual oomph (sunny side) to the aura and inspires hope in addition to a passion for life. A solar stone instills a sense of self-worth and self-confidence in both men and women. While strengthening the yang energy of the personality of the wearer, it tends to develop the courage to take risks including assertiveness.

As a stone of learning, it broadens up the capacity to take in new information and process them. This information more than ever helps the wearer to manifest the dreams and desires. Astrophyllite has a figure that comes from the Greek words Astron meaning "star" and phyllo meaning "leaf" for the patterns it tends to arise inward. Through its acceptance property, it is excellent for releasing unhealthy behavior patterns or bad habits. It is supposed to help one reach and adjust with the soul's intent. Astrophyllite grounds the feeling of well being, it is protecting and calming too.

Related to all of the chakras it brings fidelity and honesty flanked by partners activating a soul-connection that allows the partners to "look into" the other's psyche. It is supposed to grant the ability to induce a major change that makes a motion forward, your life journey in a confident fashion, something akin to the saying that when a door shuts, a window opens somewhere. Astrophyllite is said to assist with astral travels.


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