Asclepius - Divine Healer ~ God of Medicine


Greek God Asclepius was taught the art of healing, medicine and the science of divination by the wise old centaur Chiron.

He became such a good doctor that the Underworld was becoming under populated. To maintain balance, Zeus struck him dead. His names means ‘Cut up’ and refers to his skill as a great surgeon. For this reason his favor is prayed for when facing surgical procedures.

Asclepius often used the art of divination to obtain responses from his father Apollo through oracles. From these auguries he learned much about the natures of many drugs and herbs, and how to use them in treating disease. This knowledge he passed on to his sons, and to his students.

‘Here do I evoke Asclepius and bid him lend his hand unto my surgeon.’

Also known as Asklepios, Aesculapius.

His Father is Apollo and Mother: Coronis

His Animal association is: Raven and Snake.

His Plant associations are: Bay, Mustard (especiallyblack), Juniper, Lily of the Valley, Mustard, Olive and Vine (grape).

Dimensions: 25(H) x 14(W) x 13(D) CM

Asclepius comes with white sage and crystal quartz. 

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