Apatite Blue, Peridot & Topaz Pendant - Psychic Activation, Access to Knowledge.

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Blue Apatite Healing properties: A stone of manifestation that improves ambition, motivation, and self-confidence, and stimulates creativity and imagination. Believed to be one of the most effective stones to curb appetite, stimulate metabolism, improve self-discipline, and aid weight loss.

Affirmation: "I work relentlessly each day to achieve my goals."

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat

Element: Wind
Vibration: 9
Zodiacs: Gemini, Pisces

Peridot is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance that encourages one to feel gratitude in all areas of their life. Brings a sense of inner peace, grounding, and wellbeing. Helps one to detach themselves from negative influences and look to their own higher energies for guidance.

Affirmation: “ I welcome abundance in all areas of my life”.

Chakras: Heart. Solar Plexus.

Element: Earth

VibrationL 5. 6

Zodiacs: Leo. Virgo. Scorpio

Includes silver snake chain.

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