Anubis Large Statue - Lord of the Sacred Land


Anubis is the patron of lost souls, including orphans, and the patron of funeral rites.As a protector of cemeteries, Egyptians believed Anubis watched over tombs from a high mountain. From this strategic vantage point, he could see anyone who might attempt to desecrate the graves of the deceased. He is often invoked as protection against those who would rob a tomb or commit evil acts in the necropolis.

Measurement: 22cm(H) x 9cm(W)

Prayer to Anubis

Use this prayer to call upon Anubis during a ritual to honour your dead.

O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
[Name] has entered the gates to your realm,
And we ask that you deem him worthy.
His spirit is a brave one,
And his soul is an honourable one.
O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
As you take his measure,
And weigh his heart as he stands before you,
Know that he was loved by many,
And will be remembered by all.
Anubis, welcome [Name] and deem him worthy of entrance,
That he may walk through your realm,
And be under your protection for all eternity.
O, Anubis! Mighty Anubis!
Watch over [Name] as he bows before you.

Measurement: 39cm (H) x 12cm(w) x 17cm (D)

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